Homework: Make a blogspot account, be creative as you can with the template, make sure your url sounds professional, in here you must post “creative” and “innovative” ideas, every week I will give you something to blog about.

okay idk where to start, hmmm, the url should’ve been “rarodriguez” because we are instructed to make the url based on our names with first letters of our first names + surname, sadly rarodriguez is taken so I just used my first and last name

I don’t have that much skill when it comes to web design, so that’s one weakness, and I also want it to be simple, as for the BG, I’m not creative enough so I just compiled some of my works (that I like) as a layout, they’ll prolly just accuse me that I’ve taken these artworks from the internet >_>

as for that fancy motto/title thingy, just quoted it from my folio, I can’t say I’ve been purely living by by this quote, I guess just the sense of it applies into how I practice on my works, and I just feel like one day, someone will twist my words and use it against me 

although the size of the photo is oriented to my laptop’s screen res so I’m pretty sure it will look different on other monitors

and lastly, I can only imagine myself posting rants and contemplations about life :V

PS. as you can see at the bottom right corner, is my old, lost signature logo that I tend to forget to use on my works


its the initials of my full name: Roniña Anna G. Rodriguez

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